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Google SERP changes: What's New & What's Changed With Results Pages | Study

Most initial Google search engine results pages (SERPs) now include a mix of classic organic results and Universal Search elements, such as informational snippets, images, maps, and videos, according to recent research from Searchmetrics . The report was based on an analysis of 2017 data from desktop and mobile search results on for 500,000 keywords. The researchers compared the findings with results from a similar study conducted in 2016. The days of initial Google SERPs including 10 organic search results are long past, the analysis found. The first Google results page for a desktop search now contains 8.7 organic links, on average, and the first page for a mobile search contains 8.5 organic links, on average. SERPs have evolved to incorporate a wide-range of Universal Search integrations, based on factors such as keyword topic and device type, the analysis found. Some 35% of desktop SERPs and 32% of mobile SERPs contain Knowledge Graph (informational snippet) elements. Some 22% of desktop SERPs and 23% of mobile SERPs contain video elements. Mobile searches now prominently incorporate many Universal Search elements, the analysis found: More than 10% of mobile search results in the United States return results with image, video, Knowledge Graph, Shopping, AdWords, mobile app, and/or Question Box elements.

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Facebook grilled on Britain First page by MPs

Yvette Cooper She accused YouTube of failing to remove a racist video repeatedly flagged up to it by her. Ms Cooper described how, over the course of eight months, she repeatedly checked whether a propaganda video from far-right organisation National Action had been taken down, after Google agreed that it violated its policies. She found that it remained on the platform for more than half a year. "It took eight months of the chair of the select committee raising it with the most senior people in your organisation to get this down," Ms Cooper said. "Even when we raise it and nothing happens, it is hard to believe that enough is being done." She said that the video remained on Facebook and Twitter even after it was flagged to Google, saying it was "incomprehensible" the information had not been shared. In response, Google's vice-president of public policy Dr Nicklas Lundblad said the firm had seen a "sea-change" in the way it was dealing with such content in the last year and was now turning to machine learning - a type of artificial intelligence - which it hoped would become "five times" more effective than human moderators and do the work of thousands of them. Ms Cooper also flagged to Google the fact that, as a result of her constant searching for the YouTube video, she was recommended "vile" content. "Is it not simply that you are actively recommending racist material into people's timelines? Your algorithms are doing the job of grooming and radicalising," the Labour MP said. In response, Dr Lundblad said Google did not want people to "end up in a bubble of hate" and was working on identifying such videos and using machine learning to limit their features, so they would not be recommended to others or have any comments on them.

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